How Should Postpartum Breast Care Be Done?

How Should Postpartum Breast Care Be Done? 

Perhaps one of the questions that many mothers wonder after giving birth, must be "how should breast care be". Because breast care is very important in this direction for better quality breastfeeding. In this content, we will be sharing a few important articles about postpartum breast care. 

How Should Postpartum Breast Care Be? 

1. Choose the Right Bra for Your Breasts:

Expectant mothers should definitely choose the right bra. This will prevent negative situations that can be seen in the breasts. Therefore, choosing a bra that is not too tight will provide positive benefits in terms of possible aches and pains. Choosing a quality bra with cotton and soft texture is very important during such breastfeeding period. 

2. Use Cream for Cracked Breasts:

Unfortunately, after birth, there may be conditions such as cracks and stretching in the nipples. Ointment can be used for the care of these cracks. "However, your doctor should definitely write the cream you will use. You can apply the cream written by your doctor lightly, as if you were massaging your nipples." 

3. Breastfeed for Breast Health Most of the time: 

Mothers may experience stretching of their nipples after delivery. The main reason for this is the feeling of fullness in the chest. Therefore, in order to prevent the stretching of the nipples, it is recommended to breastfeed by determining frequent intervals. You can also take a warm shower to prevent situations such as tension. 

4. Always Keep Your Breasts Clean: 

Mothers must keep their breasts clean for postpartum breast care. In order not to damage the oils in the chest area, care should be done with the help of a clean cloth. You can care without pressure and with the help of soft cloths. In addition, the use of soap is not recommended in most cases, as it can cause irritation.
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