Considerations in Infant Development.

What Is Healthy Baby Development Like?

 Baby development begins in the womb.  This development continues in the same way after birth.  Babies have a limited number of reflexes at birth.  These reflexes are sucking, crying and swallowing;  all other reflexes are acquired later.  After the babies come into contact with the outside world, they first start to interact with the mother and then with the environment.  After the increase in these interactions, physical, social and perceptual development is completed rapidly.  The role of parents is of vital importance at this point.  Because, parents need to observe their baby well enough and record in their memory how they react.

 It is important to hold the baby for the development of self-confidence

 Babies are fed with breast milk after birth and at the end of a month they start to hold their head upright.  Then he watches the surroundings with his sharp eyes and tries to make sense of what is going on.  In the second month, they start to smile that cheers up their soul.

 In the third month, they start to raise their heads, make various sounds, and lift themselves up by taking strength from their hands.  In this three-month period, the baby needs to feel the warmth of the mother to the bones.  The word "Don't get used to the hug", which is commonly said in the society, is definitely not valid for these months.  On the contrary, babies who can feel their mother's warmth adequately complete their self-confidence development processes both healthier and faster than others.  In other words, maternal warmth is more important than is thought for the development of self-confidence in babies.

 What Is Healthy Baby Development Like?

 A healthy baby transitions to childhood after completing its developmental stages.  Every month after birth, the baby acquires new abilities.  The baby, who first recognizes his mother's voice, begins to make sense of and react to all other sounds in the following months.  The smiles that spilled at first are replaced by more confident gestures.

 You can easily understand what you like or dislike by looking at their facial expressions.  Although he can only lift his neck at first, he starts to move and crawl in the following period with the development of the muscles in his body.  After that, he realizes that he can explore the environment much more easily, and so to speak, he organizes expeditions at home.

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