What is Newborn Baby Jaundice? What are the Treatment Methods?

What is Newborn Baby Jaundice? What are the Treatment Methods?

 Jaundice, which is frequently seen in newborn babies, is the accumulation of a bile dye called bilirubin in the body and the baby's skin reacts by staining it yellow. This is observed in approximately 60% of newborn babies in their first weeks. It usually manifests itself after the 4th week. Two types of jaundice are observed.

 Indirect Bilirubin Increase: It is the most common type of jaundice in newborns. The cause may be physiological or pathological.

 Direct Bilirubin Increase: It is usually rare. The cause is always pathological. Indicates a disease. May cause damage to the biliary tract or liver.

 How to Identify Newborn Jaundice?

 First of all, the patient should be evaluated in daylight. Jaundice begins at the baby's head and begins to increase downward. Evaluation with eyes alone can be misleading. The best way to understand is to look at the areas where the subcutaneous tissue is less (nose tip, forehead) by pressing lightly. The newborn, who is noticed to turn yellow in these areas, should be evaluated by the specialist doctor. A high degree of jaundice in a baby can cause brain damage. For this reason, early diagnosis and treatment are important.

 What should be done in case of newborn jaundice?

 First of all, stay calm and not panic. The sucking (nutrition) status should be checked as the newborn baby starts to turn yellow after the 4th day after birth. It should be taken to the health institution without wasting much time. The bilirubin level that causes jaundice should be controlled by a specialist doctor. At low levels, it resolves spontaneously in 7-10 days without the need for any treatment.

 Babies with feeding problems should be treated in a health center. The type of treatment should be decided by the specialist doctor. False beliefs among the people should not be applied to the baby. E.g; to dress the baby in yellow clothes, to cover the baby with a yellow cloth. During the treatment, the baby should continue to be fed with breast milk. Phototherapy (radiation therapy) is applied as an additional treatment when the doctor deems it necessary.

 What is Phototherapy (Radiation Therapy)?

 It is a treatment method that aims to rapidly break down bilirubin in the blood that causes jaundice in newborn babies and to excrete it with urine. It makes treatment very easy with blue LED technology using low energy. Healing starts from the feet and progresses to the head. Finally, the yellowness of the whites of the eyes heals. Its advantages are that the newborn baby can be observed easily in the incubator and does not interfere with other treatments. It also allows mother and baby to be together.

 With the hope that you stay with peace.

 Goodbye, stay healthy.

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