Detailed SEO Guide on Blogger. Seo Guide Using Sneeit Spot

Detailed SEO Guide on Blogger.  Seo Guide Using Sneeit Spot

 I recommend you to carefully read our article, where you can find detailed information about SEO in Blogger, how to do SEO in Blogger, and how to do SEO using Blogger and Sneeit Spot.

 First of all, Blogger users are at a disadvantage compared to Wordpress users when it comes to seeing the SEO scores of the articles they write.  So is there no easy way around this?  Of course there is...

 With a small application that you can install on your Google Chrome browser, you can easily find out which areas are missing with the SEO scores of the articles you write on blogger.

 In short;

 The Sneeit Spot app is a Chrome plugin that helps Blogger SEO settings.  When you start to write our publications, we open the application and tell us about title usage, keyword usage, etc.  it gives points on many subjects or warns us by directing us by saying less and more.

 I know that this SEO package, which I also use on my site, is the best blogger SEO plugin that can be used for free.

 How to Install Sneit Spot Blogger?

 Click on the link I gave above, open the site, click the "Add to Chrome" button from the top right, then go back to your Blogger control panel and reinstall the extension to use it.

 For more details, you can check the original video below, You can get more detailed information.


How to use Sneeit Spot?

 After adding the extension to your Chrome, simply reload your Blogger dashboard page;  At the top of the dashboard menu you will see a new link that says “Sneeit Spot”.  Click this link to manage your theme with Sneeit Spot

 For post properties, you select Posts from your Blogger dashboard.  And when you hover your mouse over each post on this page, you will see a small Sneeit icon (red) appear.  Click this icon to edit your post with Sneeit Spot

 When you can't see the Sneeit Spot Link or Sneeit Spot Icon, completely reload your Blogger dashboard page by pressing CTRL+R (or CMD+R on Mac).

 Hope to see you in our next blogger post.

 Goodbye.  Stay blessed.

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