Blogger? Is it WordPress? Which Makes More Sense?

Blogger or wordpress?

Blogger?  Is it WordPress?  Which Makes More Sense?

 Which makes more sense, Blogger or WordPress?  What are the differences between Blogger and Wordpress?  Free blogging.  What should I pay attention to when starting a blog?  We will answer the titles.

 The enormous question that everyone who launches a website asks once, is wordpress?  Blogger?

 First of all, if it is necessary to explain what these concepts are: we know that the infrastructure systems you need to use to open a website.

 Well, without further ado, I want to get to the point.

 My website, that is, this website that I have used, uses the blogger infrastructure and has switched to wordpress infrastructure at least 2.3 times and came back.

 You ask why?

 First of all, it is very difficult to install wordpress and make adjustments.  You're trying to set everything trinkets.  It is an infrastructure that will be used by those who have a little more professional knowledge.

 Blogger, on the other hand, is an infrastructure with basic settings, choose a blog name, choose a theme, open your blog and start writing immediately.

 Of course, if you say that you will use the blogger infrastructure to come to professional levels, it is absolutely necessary to have html coding knowledge or you cannot do anything.

 In Wordpress, this is a little easier to do.  When you first open Wordpress you will say oh my god.  (At least, that's what I said.) Billions of (I'm not exaggerating) clicks on your website are welcomed by applications, tons of adjustment buttons and somewhat complicated settings tab.  But!!!  It gives you so much freedom when you learn.

 In terms of content (theme, other errors and arrangements, etc.) in future professional works in Wordpress, Turkish content is also very much.

 When you encounter an error on Blogger, only Indian software developers come out of youtube.  If you can get something from them, you will.

 What are the differences between Blogger and Wordpress?

 Blogger is free Wordpress is paid!

 What does this word have to do with wordpress, it's a free infrastructure, but sir, you will say you don't know these things, people will naturally be in trouble.


 Wordpress may be free, but the monthly hosting money you give (You give money to hostings in the world), you will pay again to get an SSL certificate (if your site is not https, the phrase 'your site is not secure' will appear).  These are very heavy prices for a person who started blogging in the first place.

 You can't say to a person who has financial difficulties, pay this much hosting per month, his ssl certificate is that much?  If you say, that man takes 1 month and goes out.

 For me, the reason for staying in blogger is money.  You only pay for the annual domain name, and you don't pay for anything else.

 Long story short...

 I need to set up a very professional site, if you say I can afford the expenses I mentioned every month, you should install wordpress net.

 But I want to write a blog, I don't have any money. I want to earn money from google with adsense. I can do html coding from youtube.

 It is supported by blogger (Google) by the way.  I want to say this too.  Never cyber-attack, trying to block access to the site by sending high traffic, etc.  Of the things, your site will never close, explode, break.

 If the politicians in our head do not deliberately say to close the blogger... It was closed for 2 months 10 years ago because...

 I am aware that it was a very superficial explanation, but if you want me to explain in more detail, you can send a message below or contact me by email.

 Hope to see you in our next blog post.

 We wish you to stay in peace.  Goodbye...

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